Let Your Horse Breathe

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Did you know that the second-leading cause of exercise intolerance and poor athletic performance in horses is respiratory system dysfunction?

Horses inspire and expire an astonishing amount of air. For a horse, the level of oxygen uptake increases by 40 times when they are exercising at maximal exertion. Maintaining your horse’s respiratory system can be significant during training.


Common conditions that affect the equine respiratory system includes Inflammatory airway disease, Pneumonia, Dorsal displacement of the soft palate, just to name a few. When it comes to your horse’s health, this factor cannot be emphasized enough. Maintenance is key.


Fortunately for you, here at Equiade we’ve formulated a product that is so specifically effective for the equine respiratory system the testimonials to this product continue to dazzle me.

AirBlast is 100% natural, made from a powerful herbal combination that includes some ingredients that you may even be very familiar with yourself – such as ginger root extract, peppermint leaf extract and eucalyptus leaf extract.


The benefits to AirBlast are tremendous because this product was designed to tackle any and all problems related to respiratory activity. As a product, AirBlast actually encompasses a wide variety of difficulties in relation to such a main function in your horse: the ability to breathe at an ideal level. Don’t wait to try AirBlast. Let your horse breathe.


Stop Feeding Your Horses Gatorade!

Gatorade is generally the cheaper, easier route when trying to boost your horse with electrolytes. We get it, it’s cheaper and your horses love the taste of it. But what about all that excess sugar and/or artificial sweetener contained in sports drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade, etc. A surprising amount of horse owners resort to these types of drinks that contain unnecessary ingredients, but you don’t have to.

Sugar is a major culprit to the immune system and, not just that, but sugar is awful in terms of stamina. So if you’re a trainer or a mere horse owner looking to add some electrolytes to your horse’s diet due to heat exposure and sweating from exercise, look no further.

We’ve developed a product for this particular purpose. Our sports drink, Jug, is fortified with the needed minerals to promote energy, stamina and strength. Not to mention health. Don’t wait to tweak your horse’s diet for the benefit of their health. Order Jug today.

Women Rides Horse Through Wendy’s Drive-Thru

A couple of days ago, Marcella Gruchalak, a Pennsylvania equiastrian and horseback-shooting competitor/promoter of the Western Thoroughbred Facebook Group, wanted to check at least one thing off her bucket list. That being, riding her horse “Buns” through a Wendy’s drive-thru in Pittsburgh.

Check out the video here.

What type of oddball/funny things are on your bucket list? Share in the comments. 🙂

Joint Support For Your Dog

We’ve developed a product which targets joint support for any type of dog; whether your dog is youthful and in a developing stage, or older and stiff, active, or inactive – Lube All Plus provides a cushion and acts as a lubricant for the joints.

This supplement has proven results for dogs with arthritis, dogs who have joint pain, or dogs who are merely a bit stiff.

If disease comes from the deterioration of cellular structure and function, we can accurately say that Lube All Plus can prevent disease from occurring. Lube All Plus contains extra strength ingredients which are found to repair damaged cells and stimulate the reproduction of new cells.

Feeding your dog a supplement that is all-natural and proven to work is your best bet at his or her’s long-term health.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

happy v day

We want to wish you and your horses a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Show your horses some love and care by feeding them our all natural, safe and effective supplements. We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

Have a lovely Holiday!

What Gamma Oryzanol Does For Your Horse

The main ingredient in Body Builder, Gamma Oryzanol, is fat soluble which means it will only dissolve in oil.

Our unique formula is emulsified oil concentrate. This means that the absorption of the compound is greatly enhanced and effective because it’s actually absorbed.

Other copy cat products on the market use very low grade Gamma Oryzanol that come in powder form and aren’t necessarily absorbed. This is why a proportion of Body Builder which is less than half the dose of other products provides 5 to 10 times the concentration.

Absorption is key when it comes to Gamma Oryzanol. This is why Body Builder remains one of the highest quality supplements on the market containing Gamma Oryzanol.

Don’t Let Your Horse Sit In Pain Any Longer.

“I have used one and a half bottles of Lube All Plus on my Standardbred racehorses and just wanted to let you know the unbelievable results…”

“My horse is 10 years old and has always been plagued with hock lameness. Now that he is 10, he is somewhat sore all over, so rather than just getting his hocks injected, I thought I’d try Lube All Plus. I gave it to him everyday for the first 10 days and now just 3 days before a race. There was a marked improvement in my horse on the 3rd day!” – Ms. J

With Lube All Plus you can get your horse’s joints back to a healthy state, free from unwanted pain.

Use Lube All Plus for superior joint support. This product has been used with SIGNIFICANT success for many years. With Lube All Plus, results are possible.

EPMX Can Be Used As A Pre-Performance Enhancer

One of our newer supplements, EPMX, was originally developed for the purpose of fighting infections like EPM as well as boosting the immune system with its powerful herbal formula.

The effects of using EPMX go further than fighting infection. EPMX can also be used a pre-performance enhancer.

Trainers rave about the benefits to using EPMX for pre-racing. Our customers love the fact that EPMX not only targets infection but also increases stamina and gives your horse that boost of energy required before racing.