Body Building for your Horse, Done Right


Building muscle in your athletic horse is important to provide the necessary support for the rider. Training-wise, you may be doing all the right things with your horse: a thorough exercise program, a perfected diet filled with the right amount of quality protein, and a healthy dose of personal care and attentiveness.


But what about going that extra mile? If you want to see an increase in your horse’s strength, stamina and muscle growth, Body Builder maybe precisely what you’re looking for.


What is Body Builder, exactly? Body Builder is a natural supplement specifically designed to support muscle-growth for your horse. A list of additional health benefits are just a beautiful side effect of nourishing your horse with Body Builder.


Not only is Body Builder all-natural–making it completely safe to feed your horse–but it contains some powerful ingredients that can only add to the performance and stamina of said horse.


Body Builder has done wonders for performance horses throughout the last couple of decades, and the testimonials only continue to grow at an exponential rate. Rice Bran Oil is the main ingredient to thank for Body Builder’s enormous success. Awarded as the healthiest oil in the wold, Rice Bran Oil is primarily known for its potent muscle-building effects. Rice Bran Oil actually accelerates muscle development and growth, which makes it key to Body Builder’s formula and purpose.


Nourish your horse with Body Builder and enjoy the magnificent results!

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