An Immune Booster That Fights EPM

Here at Equiade we’re proud and eager to share about our product EPMX because of its success with infections such as EPM.

EPMX is a powerful herbal supplement, in a liquid base for the best absorption possible. EPMX supports the immune system in killing the parasites that cause EPM in your horse.

EPMX boosts the immune system NATURALLY due to the supplement’s naturally occurring anti-parasitic action. EPMX does the following:

  • Increases clarity and stamina
  • Improves coordination
  • Heightened performance levels
  • Aids the immune system to cut down inflammation

This supplement has undergone vigorous testing for over 2 years now – both for efficacy and negative testing. It has also been found to be a phenomenal pre-racing enhancer. That’s what I love about our products, the fact that all natural supplements tend to have added health benefits and usefulness.

Don’t wait to purchase EPMX for your horse. It’s a must-have if you want to effectively build the immune system, not to mention prevent unwanted conditions in your horse such as EPM and other infections.


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