The First Racehorse Sports Drink

Jug Sports Drink is raved about by trainers throughout the world. It was our first product and coincidentally the very first racehorse sports drink, making it a breakthrough in the industry. Over 28 years later, Jug Sports Drink continues to be a leader in its category.

The Jug Sports Drink super mineral formula acts to:

  • Increase stamina
  • Restore vitality lost from strenuous activity and heat
  • Restore energy levels
  • Enhance strength
  • Improve overall health

This product is fortified with the necessary minerals required to revitalize your horse during bouts of training in the heat, as well as before, during and after long competitions. In the case of long competitions, Jug can be divided into smaller doses throughout the day or an entire package can be fed right after a major event or race.

Electrolytes are vital to restoring your horse’s energy levels. When it’s hot outside, horses sweat a considerable amount causing them to lose natural vitality. Why not feed your horse the first and best electrolyte formula on the market?


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