Stop Feeding Your Horses Gatorade!

Gatorade is generally the cheaper, easier route when trying to boost your horse with electrolytes. We get it, it’s cheaper and your horses love the taste of it. But what about all that excess sugar and/or artificial sweetener contained in sports drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade, etc. A surprising amount of horse owners resort to these types of drinks that contain unnecessary ingredients, but you don’t have to.

Sugar is a major culprit to the immune system and, not just that, but sugar is awful in terms of stamina. So if you’re a trainer or a mere horse owner looking to add some electrolytes to your horse’s diet due to heat exposure and sweating from exercise, look no further.

We’ve developed a product for this particular purpose. Our sports drink, Jug, is fortified with the needed minerals to promote energy, stamina and strength. Not to mention health. Don’t wait to tweak your horse’s diet for the benefit of their health. Order Jug today.


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