Fun Horsey Facts of The Day

  • Is your horse laughing at you? Nope! That’s actually the face your horse makes when they are directing scents toward a special olfactory gland in the back of their nasal passage.
  • Arab horses are one of the top endurance runners in the animal kingdom. They are able to run over 100 miles straight without resting.
  • Horses are very perceptive creatures. It is said that domestic horses are able to read human emotions. Sometimes they can do this even before we have consciously processed our own emotions.

Fun Horse Facts of the Day

  • During sleep, horses experience rapid eye movement which means they’re having dreams!
  • Ever wonder why a horse’s teeth are so large? Their teeth actually never stop growing!
  • Horses are clever, intelligent creatures. So clever in fact, that some horses are able to figure out how to undo the doors of other horses and let them out.

Body Builder, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What does Body Builder do?

A: It increases muscle mass; works as an anti-stress to calm down the animal. It’s not a tranquilizer and has no side effects. It increases fertility in males and females. Helps problem broodmares by reducing spontaneous miscarriages. Increases strength, energy, and stamina.

Q: How does Body Builder work?

A: The active ingredient, Gamma Oryzanol, helps the pituitary gland, which regulates the hormones in the body to function optimally.

Q: Are all Gamma Oryzanol products the same?

A: No. Many products are in powdered form or other forms which the body cannot absorb. Our special process took over 2 years of research and development to come up with the best formulation and the best purity Gamma Oryzanol to ensure maximum absorption.

Q: Can I put Body Builder on food?

A: Yes, you can, as long as your animal eats all the food. Body Builder tastes great. It has a Pina Colada flavor to it. Some people even find that their animal will eat more if they put Body Builder on their food.

Q: Can I use it for racing?

A: Yes. Body Builder will absolutely not test. It has been used by equine champions at the Olympics, and by all athletes at competitions worldwide.

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An Amazing Testimonial From One Of Our Valued Customers

“Our Veterinarian is still amazed at what Body Builder has accomplished.”

This is the amazing story we received from one of our valued customers:

“I promised I would write you a letter if Body Builder really worked on my broodmares as you said it would. At the time we spoke, I thought it would be impossible to get any of the mares I told you about in foal. These were impossible cases.

Well, here is the story! We bred these mares in March, April and May. I put 4 mares on Body Builder. These mares had not been in foal for a minimum of two years. One not for 3 years, and one not for 4 years (this mare was 26 years old).

These mares ranged between 15 years to 26 years old. Each year we tried to get them in foal but were unsuccessful. 3 of the 4 mares got in foal. The one that missed we found could not become pregnant because she has a growth inside.

We kept all the mares on Body Builder throughout the pregnancy. In February the first miracle took place. The 26 year old gave birth to a filly and her delivery was without complications. We bred her back a month later and she got back in foal.

The other mares had their babies in March and April. These mares also had no problem birthing. They also got back in foal. We have used Body Builder for a long time on our babies and our stallions with great success but never believed we could accomplish what we did with broodmares. Our Veterinarian is still amazed at what Body Builder has accomplished.” – T.J.B.

Increasing Fertility In Your Horse

Body Builder is our most popular product and our biggest seller. While trainers from all over the world are using Body Builder to build muscle mass, increase stamina and enhance a competitive attitude in their horse, Body Builder is also being used for breeding.

What Body Builder does in terms of breeding:

  • Increases fertility rates
  • Relaxes the mare
  • Balances hormone levels
  • Strengthens the growth follicle, increasing likelihood of pregnancy to term
  • Improves health of foal at birth if administered throughout the pregnancy

Horse-Related Fun Facts of the Day

  • Horse hooves are made of the same type of protein that human hair and fingernails are made of.

  • Horses are capable of seeing 360 degrees at one time.

  • Scientists say that the first known ancestor of the horse, referred to as Eohippus, lived 50 million years ago and had four padded toes on the front legs and three padded toes on the rear legs.

Lube All Plus is Not Just For Horses.

Lube All Plus is a supplement that contains a powerful and unique formula made to heal and repair the joints. Although Lube All Plus is most well known for its use on horses, it is a dog supplement as well.

Lube All Plus contains extra strength ingredients found to repair damaged cells and stimulate the reproduction of new cells, while lubricating and cushioning the joints to cut down pain and inflammation. This handles any painful joint conditions in your dog and brings him back to a healthy state.