Fun Horsey Facts of The Day

  • Is your horse laughing at you? Nope! That’s actually the face your horse makes when they are directing scents toward a special olfactory gland in the back of their nasal passage.
  • Arab horses are one of the top endurance runners in the animal kingdom. They are able to run over 100 miles straight without resting.
  • Horses are very perceptive creatures. It is said that domestic horses are able to read human emotions. Sometimes they can do this even before we have consciously processed our own emotions.

AirBlast And The Quality of Your Horse’s Breathing

AirBlast was developed to target the quality of a horse’s breathing and increase the horse’s ability to intake oxygen more efficiently by opening the airways. Read the following testimonial to see how effective this product is.

“I have a five year old Strawberry Roan Paint Quarter Horse. I started him on barrels last year and have gone full blast with him this year. He has very bad allergies and also when he runs you can hear him breathe like he’s gasping for air.

I started him on the AirBlast two weeks ago. We had a show last weekend and he ran like a totally different horse and no hard breathing. I’m very pleased with AirBlast and will continue to use this product.” – T.C.