Fun Horsey Facts of The Day

  • Is your horse laughing at you? Nope! That’s actually the face your horse makes when they are directing scents toward a special olfactory gland in the back of their nasal passage.
  • Arab horses are one of the top endurance runners in the animal kingdom. They are able to run over 100 miles straight without resting.
  • Horses are very perceptive creatures. It is said that domestic horses are able to read human emotions. Sometimes they can do this even before we have consciously processed our own emotions.

Fun Horse Facts of the Day

  • During sleep, horses experience rapid eye movement which means they’re having dreams!
  • Ever wonder why a horse’s teeth are so large? Their teeth actually never stop growing!
  • Horses are clever, intelligent creatures. So clever in fact, that some horses are able to figure out how to undo the doors of other horses and let them out.

Fun Horsey Facts of The Day!

  1. Underneath a horse’s hoof, there’s a triangular shaped area (known as the “frog”). The Frog acts as a shock absorber for the leg of the horse. It actually helps pump blood back up the leg!
  2. A horse’s saliva adds up to TEN GALLONS per day!
  3. Horses have the largest eyes out of any land mammal.


Horse-Related Fun Facts of the Day

  • Horse hooves are made of the same type of protein that human hair and fingernails are made of.

  • Horses are capable of seeing 360 degrees at one time.

  • Scientists say that the first known ancestor of the horse, referred to as Eohippus, lived 50 million years ago and had four padded toes on the front legs and three padded toes on the rear legs.