Fun Horsey Facts of The Day

  • Is your horse laughing at you? Nope! That’s actually the face your horse makes when they are directing scents toward a special olfactory gland in the back of their nasal passage.
  • Arab horses are one of the top endurance runners in the animal kingdom. They are able to run over 100 miles straight without resting.
  • Horses are very perceptive creatures. It is said that domestic horses are able to read human emotions. Sometimes they can do this even before we have consciously processed our own emotions.

A Powerful Story From A Fellow Horse Owner

Feeding your horses BodyBuilder always results in a shinier, healthier coat, increased stamina, and stronger muscles. Read the following story from a fellow horse owner to get an idea of precisely what BodyBuilder does:

Hello my name is Alex de Chaparral New Mexico. I have purchased your Body Builder supplement several times, but I never knew how well it works. The first time I used it was in a one-year old thoroughbred.

At two years old he looked quite developed. But the reason for this email is the transformation of my 7-year-old Red Devil Badger horse. When I received Diablo from his previous owner, he looked very bad (some said he was malnourished).

Diablo Before BodyBuilder


Diablo After 1 Month of BodyBuilder


Diablo After 2 Months of BodyBuilder


I bought Diablo on March 3, 2011, (the first photo), and I started using a bottle of Body Builder from the beginning. His diet consisted of two sheets of alfalfa, 3 pounds of grain (12% protein) twice a day, with a dose of Body Builder in the mornings only. The only other item that was used was a dewormer, 3 times in two months. I am very happy with the results of your Body Builder supplement and I think you are too. 
I only used one bottle and got amazing results. 

Red Diablo Badger is a horse of great calm that has been taken to riding and working tracks.

Thank you for a great Body Builder supplement and I will use more of your products


Thank you,

Alex Parra


Horse-Related Fun Facts Of The Day

  • The oldest domestic horse on record, Old Billy, lived up to the age of 62.

  • A group of horses will not all fall sleep at the same time. There will be at least one horse in the group that stays awake to protect and look out for his fellow horses.

  • There are as many as 205 bones in the skeleton of a horse!

Good News: Our Products Don’t Test

The Equiade Team is proud to manufacture and sell products for your animal that are 100% natural and safe, yet completely effective in comparison with competing brands.

After decades upon decades of research, we have found, combined and perfected the highest quality ingredients on the market in order to create a line of equine/canine supplements that show the best results in the shortest amount of time but last for the long-term.

The best part? Our products don’t test. What this means is that you could use ANY of our products right before a racing or performance event, and it won’t show up on any test because it’s all natural.

A 2-Day, 2-Dose Liquid Performance Enhancer

Over Drive has been around for over 10 years. We’ve taken our unique Over Drive formula, which has been successfully used by some of the top trainers, and we brought it up a notch to an even higher level of effectiveness. That’s why we’ve renamed it Over Drive Plus. We’ve tripled the amount of its main ingredient (Co-Q10) which is what makes its formula so effective.

Over Drive Plus is a supercharged product, and the best performance enhancer you could ask for.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

happy v day

We want to wish you and your horses a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Show your horses some love and care by feeding them our all natural, safe and effective supplements. We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

Have a lovely Holiday!